Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 2)

Part 2 of my interview with Deidre Thompson, the main 
character in Too Many Lies. Click here to view the trailer.

DGR: Deidre, after last week’s post, there was buzz surrounding the book and your story. A woman even sent me a message stating she hated the fact  that she hadn’t read the book yet because as she began reading your interview, she felt bad because of the spoilers in your interview. She promised to start reading this week.
Deidre: I would suggest to your readers to read the story. My story is like so many women I’ve met over the years. A lot of women have dated, married or at least known a man like Stanley. So many women have come up to me and told me their story and mine helped them resolve some issues in their own lives.

DGR: That’s awesome! I’m glad you allowed me to write your story. Speaking of women with man issues, how’s your bestie, Tammie? In the book, you two had a wild time in Las Vegas. I felt like I was there myself.
Deidre: Yeah, we did, didn’t we? I really let my hair down and Tammie knew how to push all of my buttons to help me get my mind of Stanley. Tammie is doing well. She and Daniel survived their ordeal, and as far as I know, she very happy. The last time I talked to her, it sounded like she was smiling through the phone.

Brandon gave me a second chance at love. I love that man.

DGR: It’s because of Tammie that you met Brandon, right?
Deidre: Yes, that is correct. One day while she was working, I used her car to do some sight-seeing. Vegas is pretty boring in the daytime, so I went to the bookstore to see if there were any good reads. As a matter of fact, I picked up a copy of your book, Brotherly Love & Betrayal and lost track of time in the bookstore. As I left the store, I saw Brandon in the parking lot but figured what were the odds of me seeing someone from South Carolina in Vegas? I shrugged it off as wishful thinking. Later that evening, Tammie and I went to dinner and Brandon spotted us there as we were leaving. I couldn’t believe it.

DGR: What in the world went through your mind when you saw him?
Deidre: Honestly, it felt like old times. Stanley had broken my heart and Brandon was there to pick up the pieces–again. Honestly, I can’t say I was a happily married woman and that hooking up with Brandon didn’t cross my mind. My flesh was weak and Brandon was a breath of fresh air.

DGR: Oh yeah, you did act rather uncharacteristic at one point, didn’t you?
Deidre: Okay, let’s not talk about that. I’m ashamed enough as it is about that. Let’s give the readers who haven’t read it, a chance to read it for themselves. I’m glad God ordained our steps and our paths crossed the way they did, but I’m not proud of the incident you’re referring to.

DGR: You’re right. Now, onto a more serious note. I know you were devastated to find out about your best friend, Felisha, and the circumstances surrounding her incarceration. Have you been in contact with her since your last visit?
Deidre: You know, for months I harbored a deep hatred for Felicia and what she’d done to me and my family. Then I realized she didn’t act alone. I had to forgive her for the deception and when I did, the weight of the world was lifted off me. She made a mistake, a lot of mistakes. I forgave her for myself, not to let her off the hook, but for myself. She exists only in memories as far as I’m concerned and there’s no need to try to make something out of nothing. There’s no relationship there.

DGR: What do you think will happen when she’s released from prison?
Deidre: Her release date has nothing to do with me. I’m sure her mother and daughter will be happy, but as far as me, we have nothing to talk about. We’re both grown and she said all I needed to hear when I last visited her. That door is closed.

DGR: You are an amazing woman and I love talking to you. Thank you for this wonderful interview. You and your story are an inspiration to many women.
Deidre: Thank you, Mrs. Robinson. I just have one last piece of advice to women: Don’t be a fool! If something looks and smells funny in a relationship, it probably is. You deserve God’s best for you. Don’t settle for second best because you’ll miss the blessings God has for for you.

DGR: Now that’s very good advice from a woman who knows firsthand. Thank you again for sharing, Deidre.

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Coming next week, BW&L speaks with the man himself, Stanley, aka Stan-the-man, Thompson.




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