Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 1)

Today, I am pleased to post my recent interview with Deidre Thompson, the main character in Too Many Lies. Many readers have wondered what kind of woman would stay with a man like Stanley, and I asked her the tough questions we’ve all wanted to ask.

DGR: Thank you, Deidre, for agreeing to speak to me today. One of the first questions I’m asked when meeting with book clubs is why did you stay with Stanley for so long?

Deidre: Thank you for allowing me to tell my side of the story. It’s like this, I have loved Stanley most of my life. When we met in high school it was love at first sight; at least for me. I thought we’d be together forever, but Stanley had other ideas. All I can say is I was a fool in love—for many years.

DGR: What kind of relationship do you have with Stanley now? Do you feel any animosity?

Deidre: No, I don’t feel any animosity toward Stanley. We actually work well together because we have our sons as our common bond. We’ll always be connected because of them. I want to be neutral when it comes to him for their sake, and once Brandon and I got together, Brandon loved all of my pain away. I also decided to let go of Stanley once and for all and allow God to heal my hurt.

DGR: That is very inspiring, Deidre. What advice would you give to other women who find themselves in relationships they know are toxic?

Deidre: I’d start by telling them to first love themselves. That was one of the things that kept me bound for so long. I didn’t love myself. I thought Stanley was as good as it was going to get for me. I was terrified at the thought of leaving him and being alone in the world. I’m a plus-sized woman and for years, I watched my husband go after women who were the opposite of me. I figured if he didn’t want me, no one else would either. My father raised me to be a confident young lady, but something clicked when I started dating Stanley in high school and when we were in college, he always kept me on a yoyo journey. I was not in a good place.

DGR: I’m glad you made it through and was able to tell your story. Now in the book, you learned some devastating news about your husband after your honeymoon. How are you managing that now, especially that you have a new man in your life?

Deidre: Well, there are ways to protect yourself and still enjoy the gift that is meant for only a man and his wife to share. Brandon and I have a happy, healthy intimate sex life.

DGR: Speaking of health, how is Brandon? He won his battle with cancer in the book. Is he still cancer free?

Deidre: Absolutely. Brandon is a walking testimony on so many levels. We truly believe he has been healed and hasn’t had any recurrences.

DGR: How does Stanley and Brandon get along?

Deidre: They get along as much as they need to. Again, we have our children together and as you know, Brandon is a gentleman. He’d never do or say anything to disrespect Stanley when the boys are around and when they’re not around, Stanley is a non-issue. Remember how noble he was in the hospital when Stanley tried to attack him?

DGR: Oh yeah, I do remember reading that part. Ladies love Brandon. Does he have any brothers?

Deidre: I know, he is heaven-sent, isn’t he? Unfortunately, Brandon only has a sister. Ladies, wait for your Boaz!

Listen to the radio commercial for Too Many Lies and join us next week for Part 2 of Deidre’s interview.

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