When one door closes…

…or two, maybe three.

Many years ago I was part of a ministry that was lacking in the area of young adult activities. I remember a meeting where a group of young married couples met and discussed activities we’d like to do that didn’t involve going out to the local all-you-can-eat buffet. One of the ideas we had was to start a book club where we could read christian books and come together as an official ministry to discuss them and how they applied to our lives.

The idea was struck down by the powers that be. I was very disappointed and figured we could still do something on our own and even offered my own home as a meeting place for a book club. No one wanted to pursue it because it wasn’t approved by the ministry. Grrrr.

Are you using your God-given gifts? If the answer is no, keep pressing until you do.

Fast forward a few years

After a major geographical move, I was  part of another ministry that had several young adults/young families. The only thing they did was meet occasionally to go out to eat. (What’s with all this eating?) A group of us met and discussed how to get the young adults engaged in ministry and how to make the worship experience more “flavorful” to attract even more young adults and young families. One idea was to have periodic theatrical plays that would be relevant to life’s issues and could also accompany the pastor’s messages. The idea was struck down by the powers that be.

No book clubs. No plays. I know it’s not about my agenda, but what’s a creative person to do when there’s no place in ministry that supports their gifts? I didn’t play an instrument or sing. I was an usher which didn’t require any creativity at all.

Skip to present day

On the day I visited my current ministry, they were ending a message series and guess what happened during service?  They did a play! Actors knew their lines without paper scripts. They experienced real-life, modern-day situations and there was a lot of drama. It was like watching an episode of the 70’s sitcom, Good Times.

Guess what else? My pastor loves reading books and encourages book discussions. In fact, we’ve had a few “suggested” reads over the last few years. We have more than enough opportunities to read books, participate in plays, write plays, design sets and a multitude of other creative get-your-juices-flowing type activities.

I am still part of that ministry and am, of course, deeply involved in the drama ministry. In fact, I am the Drama Team Leader. Yay me! (…and thank you God that I finally get to use my gifts for ministry.)

I’d always envisioned my own books as plays and movies, but something I wrote for ministry this summer turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

We had a message series entitled Scandal. It ran six weeks and each week a scene from the ongoing story line accompanied the message. What took a lot of sweat and tears, thankfully no blood, turned out to be the ministry’s, as well as my own, first full-blown live theatrical performance. At the end of the series, we put all six scenes together on stage for one night only and sold tickets to the public.

Who knew joining a new church would be one step closer to fulfilling a dream?

The purpose of this post is of course to celebrate the play, but also to encourage you to keep moving. When a door or three are slammed shut in your face, keep moving. Never give up on your dreams. Never give up on the purpose and the drive you know God has placed inside of you. Never let the word NO be the determining factor in whether you succeed or fail. Keep pushing. Keep pressing. Never give up.

Even though other venues said no in the past, I still knew that one day I wanted to be involved in arts as it related to ministry. I knew I had a book inside of me. I knew I could write a play for a ministry. I thought maybe one of each, but now I’ve written several books with more to come and have written more plays in the last two years than I ever thought I would. I was afforded an opportunity to do it for ministry and to find out what really goes on in the production planning of a major event.

What was my investment? Time and energy.
Now I know what to do when I write a play from one of my books.
What a way to get my feet wet!

What do you want to do in your life that seems impossible? Getting some doors slammed in your face?

Your prize is closer than you think and it may come in a different package. DON’T GIVE UP!

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11 Responses to When one door closes…

  1. Jami Greene says:

    Wow! this is awesome and so relevant….I too have experienced multiple closed doors “in ministry”…but like you said, when you keep pressing and keep the right attitude…the RIGHT doors open….thanks for the encouraging reminder!

  2. Markeise says:

    When I’m going through something or not breaking through like I think I should, I need to be showered with positiveness. Sometimes hearing those positive words can go a long way. And when one door slams I do believe that doesn’t mean there aren’t other doors waiting for you to open.

  3. K. L. Belvin says:

    Great read Daphine. I think in these difficult times we have to lean on what the Word shows us instead of what people try to tell us. Ministry is going to come in many forms. Often many can not understand what the Lord may be saying to you because you are the person to carry out His words. Hezekiah was man of God but Isiah was tabbed to deliver the message instead of God giving to the word to Hezekiah. Great message for all of us in the kingdom to keep pushing even when others say “no”. God Bless.

  4. Great article!

    Thanks for the reminder to NOT GIVE UP!!

  5. Persistence always pays off 🙂

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