Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

According to my running app, the race is 11 days away. WHEW! Boy, how time flies. Well,

The time is sooo close...

The time is sooo close…

not really because I can see where every week went. I have come a long way. The Run For God group has come a long way. Most of us hadn’t run like this before and I can honestly say that I have become a new creature since starting this whole process. I had a vision, was given the opportunity to accomplish the vision and now within a few days, I will cross the finish line.

When I signed up and went to the first meeting/session, I sat there thinking, I can do this. Then I looked at the back of the book and it read, Week __ run for 20 minutes. I wondered if by the end of the book I truly would be able to run for 20 minutes.

Actually, I can.

But THAT road has NOT been easy.

In fact, it has been hard.
Eat right.
Run 3-4 times per week.
Endure pain.
Beat the previous weeks’ record.

Essentially, I race against myself–BUT in the end>> I win. Woo hoo! (And boy will it be bittersweet!)

I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I said I would do it. I must finish the race. The goal is to finish, not necessarily win–just finish. Winning is awesome, but sometimes being out front receiving the accolades isn’t necessary. It’s the fact that the goal was accomplished, and it was simply to finish. All I need to do is to finish within a decent time. I can do it.

What are you working toward that needs to be finished? A manuscript? A business plan? What?

Whatever it is, finish it. Step by step, brick by brick, word by word, page by page, etc. Just FINISH!


Side Note: This will be my first race. The goal is to finish but if you know me, you already know this is just the beginning and I am by no means done! LOL (Insert sinister laugh here ___.)

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6 Responses to Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

  1. kimyatta says:

    AWESOME D!!! You’ve got this! Let’s go TEAM DAPHINE!!!!

  2. Tori Cearlock says:

    I am gonna miss all of you guys! You make me laugh and make me desire to do more

  3. You can do it! I’m training for the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4th! It’s been difficult but it well sooo worth it when it’s all over:)

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