Tips For Aspiring Authors [#4] Start a Blog

Tip #4 Start a Blog Blog (noun) a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; (also: the contents of such a site) When I started writing years ago, I had a few people in my circle who encouraged me along the way. I wanted to share my journey through the process of becoming a published author, so I started a blog. I hadn’t written anything … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#3] Determine Your Audience

Tip #3 Determine your audience Dear Aspiring Author, What are you talking about and who are you talking to in your writing?  Who will read or be interested in your book? Is your audience men who like historical fiction? Teen boys interested in superheroes or supernatural beings? History buffs? Women? Children? Put a face on your audience. My audience is adult women, so, I make sure I speak to women about their issues and feelings. … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#2] Write

Tip #2 Write You have a story and you want to tell it. Write it down. You have to or it’ll be just like wanting to tell someone good news, but no one is around for you to tell. Feed the need to share. First, write to get it out of your system. Don’t worry about it being good. What you write may not be perfect; actually, it isn’t. Not yet. The first draft is … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#1] Study Your Genre

Tip #1 Study your genre So you have a good idea for a story? Great. Now what? The obvious thing to do would be to begin writing, right? While the old adage, writers write, is true, one key bit of advice I’d offer is to read books in the same genre/category as your story. gen·re  \ˈzhän-rə\ a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content There’s good reason for … Continue reading