Tips for Aspiring Authors [#18] Don’t worry about who HAS NOT read your work

When you write your first book, people will be excited for you. Yes, you. Their friend. Their sibling. Their coworker. Their neighbor. Remember the glimmer you had in your eyes a long time ago when you mentioned that you wanted to write a book one day? Remember your best friend/sister/parent/whomever saying how cool it would be and how you’d be on a bestsellers’ list and they would boast about how they knew you way back … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#17] Don’t be a one-hit-wonder

When I think of one-hit-wonders, I think of a recording artist who had a popular song years ago, and that was all they were ever known for. There are some one-hit-authors out there as well: one-book-wonders. Ever wonder what happened to the author who wrote the book (insert book name)? Aspiring authors, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, write and keep on writing. Don’t just write one book and think it’s going to … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#16] Expect Rejection

I’ve been told no a lot. In fact, since taking this writing journey, I’ve learned to expect no. A resounding NO—with echoes billowing in the background. Between the no’s I receive from employers who say they’ve found a better candidate, and the ones from publishers, you would think I am a colossal failure –but I’m not. When writing, rejection is to be expected. We all think we’ve written the next masterpiece, the bestseller that will top … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#15 ] Reviews Come With a Price

  After I wrote my first book, I hired a publicist to help me with publicity and to get my unknown self out there. Imagine my surprise when he told me that I had to give him almost half a box of books to distribute to book clubs and reviewers. I thought I’d croak. After all, I was independently published and had put a lot of money into purchasing books to sell–not give away.   … Continue reading

Pinterest and the Reluctant Author

If it hadn’t been for this article on, I would still be in the dark about Pinterest. A few people suggested that I join, but I saw no need to join one more thing that required my attention on a regular basis–until I read this article: Pinterest for Authors: How to Promote Your Writing on the Fastest Growing Website Ever What the heck is Pinterest? Per their website, it’s a place to organize pictures … Continue reading

BW&L Features Yolanda Gore

…with a blurb about her business. BWL: Yolanda, thank you for participating in A Blurb About Your ___. Tell us more. YG: My name is Yolanda Gore and I’m featuring my business, Virtual Write Hand. Virtual Write Hand specializes in social media, virtual parties, word processing, spreadsheets, mass mailings, email blasts and other administrative duties. Virtual Write Hand has a wide range of clients from ministers to authors. BWL: Did you say authors? Where can we get … Continue reading

BW&L Features K. L. Brady

…with a blurb about her new book. BWL: Hi, K. L. and welcome to Books, Writing & Life. Thanks for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us a little about your feature. KLB: I’m K.L. Brady and I’m featuring my novel Got a Right to Be Wrong. BWL: Sounds intriguing. Tell us more. KLB: Got a Right to be Wrong is the follow-up to my debut novel The Bum Magnet. In the first book, … Continue reading

Books, Writing & Life Celebrates One Year!

It’s our anniversary, yeah, yeah.

Like I’ve said before, the fact that I made it a year is something to celebrate. Blogging isn’t easy. You have to come up with relevant posts, engage people and post often enough for people to keep coming back to your site–you know, follow you.

The most popular series by far has been Tips for Aspiring Authors. Thanks to the series, I’ve had over 2100 blog views over the last year. That’s reason to celebrate! I know of blogs that receive over 10,000 views a month, but I can’t focus on their numbers. (Perhaps next year I can boast double the views.)

It has been a fun year and I look forward to year number two.

So, as I’ve posted before, April is my official month to feature other people who are making it happen. Please visit through the end of the month to see featured authors, books, business owners and service providers.

I’ll be back in May.

Books, Writing and Life, what else is there to talk about?