I’ll Be Back

Sounds like a line from an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, doesn’t it? It was my intent to take the month of April off and to promote other authors and businesses, during my hiatus. I accomplished that and celebrated BW&L’s anniversary. YAY! However, during April, I wrote my first short story and spent the majority of May editing and preparing it for submission. I clicked “send” Tuesday night for the first proposal  and I have one more … Continue reading

Remember My Rejection Rant?

Hey, I just read something that I found disappointing, yet humorous at same time due to the fact that I know the person who wrote this piece. Remember the Rejection Rant I posted back in February when I found out my manuscript  for Too Many Lies didn’t make the cut for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award? (If not, view here.) Well, a fellow author and hustler in the writing/indie publishing biz has posted his own … Continue reading