What a difference a year makes

I am so happy that I made the decision to publicly share my fitness journey last Spring. When I started running it was hard, but quitting was not an option. I knew I’d be able to do it, I just didn’t know what the end would look like. The goal back then was to finish a 5K. When I finished my first, I thought Okay, what’s next? I’ve done five 5K’s, lost 3 pant sizes, and … Continue reading

That moment when…

Crazy things pop into my mind throughout the day. I’ve been keeping a list of things I call That moment when… It’s kind of like my Things that irritate me list. So here goes: That moment when… you accidentally set off your car’s panic alarm and can’t find the key fob in time to  disarm it. you realize your boss is younger than you are. you are rocking out, jamming, getting your groove on so … Continue reading

A few things that irritate me (Part 3)

Here’s a little Thursday humor: People who sit directly behind me in the movies. …when there aren’t many people in the theater. There are 300 seats in an uncrowded theater and you choose to sit directly behind me eating noisy popcorn, bumping my seat, checking your phone and talking during the movie? #really? Soap opera men. Um, even when I was not a full-figured woman THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Who picks up their woman and takes … Continue reading

Make the decision to do it [Run For God #4]

I made the decision to do it and I did. I ran my race yesterday! It was exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. I didn’t get much sleep at all Friday night and I woke up with a case of race day jitters yesterday. As I ran I kept thinking, I’m doing it, I’m doing it! The last quarter mile was ridiculous AND emotional. Ridiculously emotional! The course was  quite hilly. We hadn’t … Continue reading

Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

According to my running app, the race is 11 days away. WHEW! Boy, how time flies. Well, not really because I can see where every week went. I have come a long way. The Run For God group has come a long way. Most of us hadn’t run like this before and I can honestly say that I have become a new creature since starting this whole process. I had a vision, was given the … Continue reading

Endurance [Run for God Post #2]

In February 2013 I started working on endurance. At first I started on the treadmill just walking. I needed to build up time first–walk longer, faster, harder. Then I worked on trying to run for 30 seconds, then one minute and one day I ended up running for over 5 minutes straight. Did I feel like I was going to fall off? Of course, but I hung in there. By the end of February I … Continue reading

Someday Goals [Run for God Post #1]

In January of this year, I decided to start running–well, train to start running. Over twelve years ago I wrote my “someday” goals in a beloved journal I call The Goal Book. The only thing in this journal are goals and a few scriptures to encourage and keep me on track and I only look in this book once a year. If I have accomplished a goal, I put the date, thank God for allowing me … Continue reading


I recently came to the conclusion that saying NO more often than YES will be my best course of action going forward. Why am I so late on completing Sacred Lies? I said YES to more projects than I should have. I answered one too many phone calls. I attended one too many meetings. I simply got distracted by life’s distractions. Meanwhile, poor Stanley Thompson and readers are still waiting for me to finish his … Continue reading

Happy New Year, my peeps!

This won’t be the traditional Happy New Year message with the well-thought-out words of wisdom about this being your year, bla bla bla. I simply want to wish you all blessings from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for visiting Books, Writing & Life during 2012 and for engaging in social media with me. You all make what I love to do even more fun. Be blessed, pursue the visions you have seen in … Continue reading