No excuses–an analogy [Run For God]

As you know, I’ve been on my running high lately and I hope I am inspiring someone to do what they have dreamed of doing. When I think of my journey to running, it is easy to compare it to my journey to writing. Writing and running: are desires I have had for many years take perseverance to reach the end are mentally and physically challenging (writing takes a lot of you, too) take a while to … Continue reading

Endurance [Run for God Post #2]

In February 2013 I started working on endurance. At first I started on the treadmill just walking. I needed to build up time first–walk longer, faster, harder. Then I worked on trying to run for 30 seconds, then one minute and one day I ended up running for over 5 minutes straight. Did I feel like I was going to fall off? Of course, but I hung in there. By the end of February I … Continue reading

Blog plan or random thoughts?

Do you have an idea for a blog but can’t quite make it pop? Do you want to start one with random thoughts? If so, what would make people visit your site to read your random thoughts? Are you a writer/author/public figure and people want to hear from you or are you a random Joe who wants to be heard? There’s nothing wrong with that if you are. I started as a random Jane rambling … Continue reading

He knows the desires of your heart

Here’s today’s inspirational word of the day/testimony service from yours truly. Statement: I’ma do a lil sumpn-sumpn different today cause I gotta mix it up a lil ‘er now and den, ya feel me? Na mean? Translation: Most of the time I post articles that I personally write just for my readers. Today, I am posting a video I recorded recently. Do you know what I mean? 😉 Yeah, I had a silly moment. Anyway, click … Continue reading

Jesus Words 4 Today [Blogs I Follow]

I love sharing things with BW&L readers and today I’m sharing the first in a series called Blogs I Follow. I discovered Jesus Words 4 Today sometime last year when my Facebook friend, Mark Hamilton Stevens, posted a link to a post that intrigued me. What I like about his blog is that he’s practical in his thinking and often poses questions that I would be inclined to ask—questions that have gotten me the side-eye … Continue reading

BW&L features Jae Henderson

This year for ABAY I am featuring other bloggers. The first in the series is Author/Blogger, Jae Henderson. I had the pleasure of meeting Jae Henderson for the first time at last year’s Faith and Fiction Retreat in Dallas, Texas. Jae stopped by BW&L to promote her blog, My Side of the Single Life.   BW&L: Thanks for stopping by, Jae. We love visitors here. Tell us about your blog. JH: My Side of the … Continue reading

It’s our anniversary!

Books, Writing & Life is two years old! Two years ago today, I made my first post on Books, Writing & Life. I didn’t know what I was doing or how long I could do it, but I’m sure glad I persevered. It is now 2 years later and I celebrate over 120 posts, over 240 comments and more than 4700 all-time views. That’s something for me to shout about! Thank you for being a … Continue reading

Writing faith-filled stories

Writing for God, whether fiction or non, can be a hard job to take on. Imagine the following: Writing a story that you “Christian-alyze” and when people pick up your book at events, they set it down because the cover looks “preachy.” Writing a story and when you tell people about your book, their eyes glaze over when you get to the part about the character turning their life over to God. Pitching your book to … Continue reading

Tips for aspiring authors [#20] Blog often to build an audience

Things take time. It’s that simple. Take this blog for example. It has taken a lot of time for me to build up readership, followers and a regular schedule, but it is finally taking off. It took time to get here. Almost two years to be exact, and by my standards, I’m still not there. Would I like to see more subscribers when I look at my dashboard? Sure I would, but I’m thankful for the … Continue reading