How to torture your kids

Motherhood, or shall I say Parenthood, has many ups and downs. Somedays it feels like we’re going up a steep hill on a roller coaster and things are about to settle down, until SCREEEEAM! You’re going downhill so fast, all you can do is hold onto something and pray for it to end quickly! On those days, the days when I have to prove my point because I’m the mama and I’m going to prove … Continue reading

The empty womb

I’m a witness: the things that hurt us  most are the things that make our testimonies so effective, our individual ministries so powerful and are the very things that help others overcome their obstacles. God is so awesome  – He allowed me to be able to do this after 17 years. I really don’t mean to be morbid during this post Mother’s Day season, but for some people, Mother’s Day sucks and not because they … Continue reading

Once upon a time…

A little Mother’s Day humor. Once upon a time… I could go to the bathroom in peace and spend as long as I wanted to in there. Drive a car without another body sitting next to me changing the radio station and stealing space in the cup holder. Go to the grocery store and stick to my budget. Go to the movies, buy 2 tickets and see an adult movie. Dine in a restaurant and … Continue reading

The -ers of Motherhood

When I thought about all of the things I do that make me Mom, I came up with a lot of words that ended with the suffix, -er. I started a list and stopped at 63 entries. After sleeping on it for about 10 days, I was able to finish my list. Can you think of any more -ers of motherhood (parenthood?) 1. Boo-boo kisser 2. Vomit cleaner upper 3. Homework helper 4. Chauffeur/driver 5. Story listener 6. Bedtime story reader … Continue reading

Things I Put My Parents Through: As Told By the Culprit

It’s the finale and I’m so excited! It has been an awesome summer blog series and it is only fitting to end the series with a little humor. This week’s post is from someone who isn’t a parent, but if he were, oooh the stories he’d share. This week, Drake Hill, a dear friend from my college days, is sharing his version of Mommy Moments from the child’s perspective. If you know Drake personally, you can only imagine … Continue reading

Woman-Wife-Mommy of Faith

Welcome to Week 9 of the Mommy Moments Blog Series. Time is winding down, and I am so thankful for all of the guest bloggers who have participated this summer. Bestselling author, Tia McCollors, is our guest this week. Welcome to Books, Writing and Life, Tia. (Below is Tia’s post.) I am the happy (and usually tired) mother of a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. When I first left the corporate world in 2006 to stay … Continue reading

Snakes and Parenting

It’s the 8th week of the Mommy Moments Blog Series. The comments and site visits are rockin’. Thank you very much for signing up for the RSS feeds and please continue to spread the word about Books, Writing & Life. This week we have our second male blogger, Pastor Lawrence Williams. Below is his hilarious post. (We shall change the series title to Daddy Moments for this week.)  Being born and raised in New York City never prepared me … Continue reading

The Secret Ingredient

Mommy Moments Week 7 Guest Blogger: Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel When I posted the request for guest bloggers on Facebook and Twitter, I received a private message asking me to reach out to this week’s guest, Twonzetta Nesbitt-Samuel. It was her very own mother who felt she’d be the perfect person to share in the series. Isn’t that awesome? Daphine: Thank you for participating in the series, Twonzetta. Tell us about yourself. Twonzetta: I am a mother … Continue reading

Pink Poodles in the Airport

Mommy Moments: Week 6 I’d like to welcome Amy Mitchell-Washington as our Guest Blogger. Below is Amy’s post, in her own words: I’m a mother of four amazing children. My two daughters from my first marriage remain my greatest accomplishment in life. I’ve been blessed to have the gift of amazing love and a covenant friendship with my second husband, who has afforded me an opportunity to be a mom to a son and daughter. … Continue reading