Stay Focused

What hinders you from reaching your full potential? Me? I get distracted at times. I’ll look at what another writer/author is doing and ask, “Why can’t that be me?” It can’t be me because what they’re doing is for them, not me. It helps me to set mini goals for myself in order to maintain my focus—and sanity. I have eekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Weekly- I wake up with the goal of doing XYZ … Continue reading

Super Hero

People who know me know that I love action and superhero movies. In fact, I’m counting down the days until the release of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon. If no buildings get blown up, no high speed car chases take place, or there are no death-defying stunts, I probably won’t like it. I’ll take a super hero movie over a sappy love story any day. But my all-time favorite hero can crush enemies with … Continue reading

I’m Blogging!

I can’t believe I’ve done this again. Started another blog. This time around, I’m going to keep it updated and I look forward to your interaction. Join me on my rants and candid discussions about parenting and writing, my two most favorite things in the whole wide world.