No excuses–an analogy [Run For God]

As you know, I’ve been on my running high lately and I hope I am inspiring someone to do what they have dreamed of doing. When I think of my journey to running, it is easy to compare it to my journey to writing. Writing and running: are desires I have had for many years take perseverance to reach the end are mentally and physically challenging (writing takes a lot of you, too) take a while to … Continue reading

Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

According to my running app, the race is 11 days away. WHEW! Boy, how time flies. Well, not really because I can see where every week went. I have come a long way. The Run For God group has come a long way. Most of us hadn’t run like this before and I can honestly say that I have become a new creature since starting this whole process. I had a vision, was given the … Continue reading

Endurance [Run for God Post #2]

In February 2013 I started working on endurance. At first I started on the treadmill just walking. I needed to build up time first–walk longer, faster, harder. Then I worked on trying to run for 30 seconds, then one minute and one day I ended up running for over 5 minutes straight. Did I feel like I was going to fall off? Of course, but I hung in there. By the end of February I … Continue reading

Someday Goals [Run for God Post #1]

In January of this year, I decided to start running–well, train to start running. Over twelve years ago I wrote my “someday” goals in a beloved journal I call The Goal Book. The only thing in this journal are goals and a few scriptures to encourage and keep me on track and I only look in this book once a year. If I have accomplished a goal, I put the date, thank God for allowing me … Continue reading

Scandal Fever – a condition derived from watching the hit ABC drama, SCANDAL

DISCLAIMER: If you are annoyed at the barrage of posts on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday nights between 10 and 11 pm EST, please totally ignore this post and continue on with your day. For the rest of you, please heed the following warning: If you exhibit any of the following symptoms while watching Scandal, you may have (dun dun dun) SCANDAL FEVER. Don’t be embarrassed, I have it too. According to a Robinson poll, … Continue reading

The empty womb

I’m a witness: the things that hurt us  most are the things that make our testimonies so effective, our individual ministries so powerful and are the very things that help others overcome their obstacles. God is so awesome  – He allowed me to be able to do this after 17 years. I really don’t mean to be morbid during this post Mother’s Day season, but for some people, Mother’s Day sucks and not because they … Continue reading

Once upon a time…

A little Mother’s Day humor. Once upon a time… I could go to the bathroom in peace and spend as long as I wanted to in there. Drive a car without another body sitting next to me changing the radio station and stealing space in the cup holder. Go to the grocery store and stick to my budget. Go to the movies, buy 2 tickets and see an adult movie. Dine in a restaurant and … Continue reading

It’s our anniversary!

Books, Writing & Life is two years old! Two years ago today, I made my first post on Books, Writing & Life. I didn’t know what I was doing or how long I could do it, but I’m sure glad I persevered. It is now 2 years later and I celebrate over 120 posts, over 240 comments and more than 4700 all-time views. That’s something for me to shout about! Thank you for being a … Continue reading

Steadfast and unmoveable

The title of this post just hit me and I had to get this brief message out. Readers of this blog and social media followers know that I, like other people in this world, have had my share of ups and downs. I posted my most recent testimony on YouTube and I talked about things like being unemployed most recently while I was going through it. However, only God and I know about those moments … Continue reading

A few things that irritate me [Part 2]

On February 22, 2013, I wrote a post entitled A few things that irritate me as one of my Friday Funny posts. It was one of the most popular posts for the month. This is Part 2 and I dedicate this post to one of my Facebook friends who really got a kick out of the first one. This is for you, Kimyatta W! When the bagger at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. puts one item in … Continue reading