A few things that irritate me

My brain is always going and I get inspiration for stories and blog posts all the time. I love the notes app on my phone for those moments when something could turn into future material. Having said that, I finally have enough material for an entry that started a while back called A few things that irritate me: Going to the bathroom only to find an empty cardboard tube on the roll. People who use the last bit … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stanley Thompson

What’s up readers of Books, Writing and Life? Strange title for a blog, but whatever. This here is your man, Stan. Yeah, the one and only Stanley Thompson, aka Stan-the-Man. (Hit me up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/callmestantheman) Yo girl, Daphine Glenn Robinson is, er uh, “tied up” at the moment and won’t be able to post this week, so I’m taking over–that is at least for today. …or until she becomes untied, I mean gets free. (I’m … Continue reading