Things I would post on Facebook if I weren’t on hiatus [Pt 1]

My Facebook friends probably have a lot less activity in their news feeds right now because  I am officially off Facebook from March 5 – April 18. If you follow me on my personal page, you know that I update pretty regularly and usually engage folks quite a bit. We have fun. We connect. We share. However, this year I decided to give up my daily activity during the Lenten season. It’s supposed to be … Continue reading

How to torture your kids

Motherhood, or shall I say Parenthood, has many ups and downs. Somedays it feels like we’re going up a steep hill on a roller coaster and things are about to settle down, until SCREEEEAM! You’re going downhill so fast, all you can do is hold onto something and pray for it to end quickly! On those days, the days when I have to prove my point because I’m the mama and I’m going to prove … Continue reading

Ode to “Husband”

Sometimes we get attached to things that we probably shouldn’t, but some inanimate objects warrant such attention. When I was in college, my dad bought me this back pillow for those long nights of studying in bed. If you walked the dorm halls back then and looked in the rooms, most  girls had a one. We affectionately called them “Husbands.” My husband has been with me since 1988 and has been with me through three … Continue reading

That moment when…(Pt 2)

That moment when… you are running late because of your significant other and you look at the clock in the car 150,000 times before you arrive at your destination. #laterthanlate you realize you didn’t hang up the phone/press end and they can still hear you. your kids have Beats but don’t know who Dr. Dre is. you go to a family function and your “favorite” family member has yet another way for YOU to make … Continue reading

That moment when…

Crazy things pop into my mind throughout the day. I’ve been keeping a list of things I call That moment when… It’s kind of like my Things that irritate me list. So here goes: That moment when… you accidentally set off your car’s panic alarm and can’t find the key fob in time to  disarm it. you realize your boss is younger than you are. you are rocking out, jamming, getting your groove on so … Continue reading

Things that irritate me [Part 4]

When I did the first Things that irritate me post, I never knew it would take off like it has. Here’s installment 4. 🙂 Athletes turned sports casters. Um… You played football and a network executive thought it would be good to give you a mic and stick you in front of a camera? #Really? Can you try to speak as if you’re NOT reading from the teleprompter? Can you buy a vowel? #aeiou (And … Continue reading

A few things that irritate me (Part 3)

Here’s a little Thursday humor: People who sit directly behind me in the movies. …when there aren’t many people in the theater. There are 300 seats in an uncrowded theater and you choose to sit directly behind me eating noisy popcorn, bumping my seat, checking your phone and talking during the movie? #really? Soap opera men. Um, even when I was not a full-figured woman THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Who picks up their woman and takes … Continue reading

Scandal Fever – a condition derived from watching the hit ABC drama, SCANDAL

DISCLAIMER: If you are annoyed at the barrage of posts on Facebook and Twitter on Thursday nights between 10 and 11 pm EST, please totally ignore this post and continue on with your day. For the rest of you, please heed the following warning: If you exhibit any of the following symptoms while watching Scandal, you may have (dun dun dun) SCANDAL FEVER. Don’t be embarrassed, I have it too. According to a Robinson poll, … Continue reading

A few things that irritate me [Part 2]

On February 22, 2013, I wrote a post entitled A few things that irritate me as one of my Friday Funny posts. It was one of the most popular posts for the month. This is Part 2 and I dedicate this post to one of my Facebook friends who really got a kick out of the first one. This is for you, Kimyatta W! When the bagger at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. puts one item in … Continue reading