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You do? Look me up tomorrow at 8 pm EST on Twitter where I’ll be interviewed in a “Twitterview” with the Unconventional Librarian herself, Pam Margolis. I’ll be discussing my new book, TooManyLies. Chat with us, retweet or whatever L-I-V-E! If you don’t Tweet, look for me on Twitter @daphinerobinson and Pam @IYAMPAM #TooManyLies

An Unconventional Librarian Reviews TML

You’ve seen the silhouette of the sad-looking woman on the cover of Too Many Lies, right? Have you wondered if it is good or not? This review may help you make the decision to buy and read my fourth book. Pam Margolis, AKA Pammy Pam, has written a wonderful review for Too Many Lies on her blog, An Unconventional Librarian.  Pam is a librarian, an educator, book reviewer and a social media guru. As a matter of fact, she’s responsible … Continue reading

Book reviews are important because…

Why are book reviews important? Because book reviews are important to READERS. People want to know what other folks think of a product before they buy. Ever read a consumer review before making a major purchase? The same applies for books. Before a person drops anywhere from .99 to $14.95 for your alleged masterpiece, they want to know if it’s worth their hard-earned money based on what other folks have said. Some people will talk … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#11] Don’t Forget the Man in the Basement

Tip [#11] Don’t Forget the Man in the Basement This may be one of the most important tips in the series. I recently watched an episode of one of my favorite new TV shows, NBC’s Grimm. During the show, the antagonist/villain captured, tortured and held an innocent man captive in his basement. (He didn’t know the man was innocent. He just wanted to go vigilante on whoever murdered his brother.)  As the show progressed, the … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#10] Attend Workshops/Conferences

Tip #10 Attend Workshops and Conferences Where do children go to learn? To school. At work, when you need to learn a new skill, you go where? To a class or workshop. To become a subject matter expert, you do what? Have a lot of on-the-job training which qualifies you. Have higher education which qualifies you. Someone deems you an expert due to their perception of you and your skill set, which is also backed … Continue reading

Think Outside the Box [Amazon KDP Select]

Recently an unpublished friend of mine finished her first manuscript. In her quest for knowledge, she often asks me questions. Lots of questions. At times, she challenges me about why/how I do things regarding writing and publishing. When she asked me why I hadn’t put my books on Amazon’s KDP Select program, my response was “…because then I’d have to give Amazon exclusive rights to my eBooks and I don’t want to do that.” I … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#9] Engage In Social Media

Tip #9 Engage in Social Media Befriend other authors, writers, poets, etc. on social media platforms. It’s a good thing. See what they’re talking about. Get to know them by commenting on their threads or liking a status occasionally. I started out by just reading some of my favorite authors’ daily posts. I didn’t necessarily post comments until I felt more comfortable. It gave me an idea of what social media etiquette was like, and … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#8] Know How to Hustle

The subtopic to this one should be …And How to Handle Road Blocks I’m a little peeved right now because I’ve spent the entire morning stuck in Charlotte traffic and driving around making sure local stores would order Too Many Lies.  A local book store has copies, can see the title information  in the distribution system and everything is copasetic. It’s a go. Green light. I went by the local Barnes & Noble, who should … Continue reading

Special Announcement for Aspiring Authors

Thank you for visiting and I’m so thankful for the outpouring of love you’ve shown to this blog. It’s been over a week since I’ve updated, but I have a very good reason for being quiet: MY BOOK IS OUT! Yes, I’m yelling! You need a good book to read, don’t you? Go ahead, entertain yourself…today! I’m so excited because Too Many Lies is my fourth book and I’m truly living out a dream. In … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#7] Interview With Bestselling Author Angela Benson

I recently interviewed Angela Benson, after I saw her updated Facebook profile picture which displayed her new eBook, Telling Your Tale: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Fiction for Print and eBook, 2nd edition. After downloading the book, I realized it would be the perfect addition to the Tips For Aspiring Authors series. In case you didn’t know, Angela Benson is a bestselling, award-winning author of 12 novels and two novellas. Her work has been published by six … Continue reading