BW&L Features Nicole Rountree

…with a blurb about her new book. Hi, Nicole. Thanks for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Nicole Rountree and  I go by the pen name of Author Ni’Kay. I’m promoting my upcoming e-book, When It Rains, It Pours. Sounds interesting. Tell us more.  When It Rains, It Pours is my first authentic project displaying my talent as an author and a poet.  In the book, … Continue reading

BW&L Features Miranda Parker

…with a blurb about her book. What are you featuring? I’m Miranda Parker and I’m featuring A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD, book one in the “Angel Crawford” Series. Tell us more.  A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD is the story of smart, gorgeous, and too tough for her own good, bail recovery agent and single mom, Evangeline Crawford, who moves to the burbs for a quiet life. Unfortunately, it’s not turning out that way. Angel … Continue reading

BW&L Features Shae Martin Worthy

…with a blurb about her book. Hello and welcome to Books, Writing and Life. Tell us about yourself and your book. I’m Shae Martin Worthy and I am featuring my book Without Parental Consent. Without Parental Consent is a suspense thriller about Cameron Spencer, an attorney.  Cameron has been giving a case that, unbeknownst to him, will have a fundamental impact on his life.  He has been paired with his colleague, Caitlyn Frazier to clear … Continue reading

BWL Features Tyora Moody

…with a blurb about her new book. Hi, Tyora. Welcome to BWL. Tell us what you are featuring. I’m featuring my debut novel, When Rain Falls. Here is the synopsis: “Why does God keep taking away the people I love?” This is the lamentation of widow CANDACE JOHNSON when her best friend is brutally murdered. Ensnared by a deep-rooted bitterness, seeping her faith day by day, Candace is determined to seek justice. Detective Darnell Jackson is in … Continue reading

Books, Writing & Life Celebrates One Year!

It’s our anniversary, yeah, yeah.

Like I’ve said before, the fact that I made it a year is something to celebrate. Blogging isn’t easy. You have to come up with relevant posts, engage people and post often enough for people to keep coming back to your site–you know, follow you.

The most popular series by far has been Tips for Aspiring Authors. Thanks to the series, I’ve had over 2100 blog views over the last year. That’s reason to celebrate! I know of blogs that receive over 10,000 views a month, but I can’t focus on their numbers. (Perhaps next year I can boast double the views.)

It has been a fun year and I look forward to year number two.

So, as I’ve posted before, April is my official month to feature other people who are making it happen. Please visit through the end of the month to see featured authors, books, business owners and service providers.

I’ll be back in May.

Books, Writing and Life, what else is there to talk about?



BW&L Features Pam Brown Margolis

…with a blurb about her blog: An Unconventional Librarian What are you featuring? My name is Pam Brown Margolis, aka PammyPam, and I’m featuring my blog: An Unconventional Librarian. Tell us more. On An Unconventional Librarian, I review books but I look from a multicultural viewpoint to see if there are any people of color, diverse ethnicities, etc.  We cannot ignore these reading populations as their presence adds a depth and a breadth to literature that has long … Continue reading

BW&L Features James A. Jimason

Hi, tell us about yourself. My name is James A. Jimason. I am an author, speaker and owner of Keys to Destiny, LLC. I am featuring one of my latest books, For Adults Only: Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny. For Adults Only, by James A. Jimason Give us some insight into your book. This book is designed to encourage readers from all walks of life to identify their innermost passions and gifts, and then find expression for them … Continue reading

BW&L Features Joey Pinkney

…with a blurb about his literary promotion opportunities. What are you featuring? I’m Joey Pinkney and I’m featuring the various book/author promotion opportunities offered at What is your product or service? helps spread the word about authors and their books using various social media websites and techniques. From the placement of ads in various places on to using audio-visual presentations and constantly pushing out social media updates  24/7, the brand has a strong … Continue reading