A Decent Proposal by Donna Dickson Deloney

I recently had the opportunity to talk with author, Donna Dickson Deloney to discuss her latest novel, A Decent Proposal. I had the pleasure of reading this book shortly after Donna wrote the book, and I give it 5 DGR Stars! BWL: Tell us about your book. DDD: The name of my book is A Decent Proposal. Andy Perry is days away from losing a shelter for teen runaways that he created. Without a new … Continue reading

BW&L features Christian Poet, Michael Williams

I attended a book signing in Dallas in 2007 and met a gentleman who recited poetry to me. I know, it sounds funny but read on. We’d just finished a kick-off event at a local library for a big festival the next day and a friend introduced him to me. When he asked me if he could give me sample, I said sure not knowing what the sample would entail. As an author, you meet … Continue reading

[Book Review] Uncovered by Shenette Jones

Pulsepub.net recently started following me on Twitter. As usual, I clicked their profile to check them out and found they are a publisher located right here in North Carolina. I was intrigued so I looked them up, searched their authors and was particularly intrigued by a book by Shenette Jones entitled, Uncovered. The story is about Minister Stephanie Hall and her husband of five years, Markus. Stephanie seeks more intimacy from her husband, who for … Continue reading

BW&L features Jae Henderson

This year for ABAY I am featuring other bloggers. The first in the series is Author/Blogger, Jae Henderson. I had the pleasure of meeting Jae Henderson for the first time at last year’s Faith and Fiction Retreat in Dallas, Texas. Jae stopped by BW&L to promote her blog, My Side of the Single Life.   BW&L: Thanks for stopping by, Jae. We love visitors here. Tell us about your blog. JH: My Side of the … Continue reading

It’s our anniversary!

Books, Writing & Life is two years old! Two years ago today, I made my first post on Books, Writing & Life. I didn’t know what I was doing or how long I could do it, but I’m sure glad I persevered. It is now 2 years later and I celebrate over 120 posts, over 240 comments and more than 4700 all-time views. That’s something for me to shout about! Thank you for being a … Continue reading

Mother Thompson | Meddling mother-in-law

I recently had a chance to sit down with Mother Thompson from the acclaimed novel, Too Many Lies. If you read this outstanding, faith-filled novel about a woman who took all she could from her deceptive husband, you know that Mother Thompson played a major role in her son’s deception. Mother Thompson declined an official interview with BW&L but did issue the following statement.  “First of all, thank you for allowing my son  to have his say … Continue reading

Want a FREE copy of Invisible Girl?

Hello, avid readers! I am looking for readers who would like a FREE copy of my new short story, Invisible Girl: The Suicide Journal, in exchange for a review within 30 days. It is a quick read and will only take about an hour from start to finish. I will eGift a copy to your Kindle, Nook or Kobo. Yes, I said FREE! It’s on me. Let me know if you’re interested by emailing me at author@daphinerobinson.com. Invisible Girl: The Suicide … Continue reading

Interview with Stanley Thompson | The man readers love to hate

It is my goal to get readers up close and personal with the characters they read about as I continue my interview series with the main characters from Too Many Lies. Last week I spoke with Deidre Thompson, this week it’s Stanley’s turn to sound off. DGR: Thank you for your time, Stanley. So, we’ve heard from your ex-wife, Deidre, now it’s your turn. I am happy you accepted my interview request. Tell us a … Continue reading

Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 2)

Part 2 of my interview with Deidre Thompson, the main character in Too Many Lies. Click here to view the trailer. DGR: Deidre, after last week’s post, there was buzz surrounding the book and your story. A woman even sent me a message stating she hated the fact  that she hadn’t read the book yet because as she began reading your interview, she felt bad because of the spoilers in your interview. She promised to … Continue reading

Interview with Deidre Thompson | Why didn’t you leave sooner? (Part 1)

Today, I am pleased to post my recent interview with Deidre Thompson, the main character in Too Many Lies. Many readers have wondered what kind of woman would stay with a man like Stanley, and I asked her the tough questions we’ve all wanted to ask. DGR: Thank you, Deidre, for agreeing to speak to me today. One of the first questions I’m asked when meeting with book clubs is why did you stay with … Continue reading