A Decent Proposal by Donna Dickson Deloney

I recently had the opportunity to talk with author, Donna Dickson Deloney to discuss her latest novel, A Decent Proposal. I had the pleasure of reading this book shortly after Donna wrote the book, and I give it 5 DGR Stars! BWL: Tell us about your book. DDD: The name of my book is A Decent Proposal. Andy Perry is days away from losing a shelter for teen runaways that he created. Without a new … Continue reading

INTERVIEW | The Burning Bush Christian Bookstore

When Caring What People Think came out years ago, imagine my surprise when I Googled the book and found a link to The Burning Bush Christian Bookstore. I’d never heard of them and was ecstatic to find they carried my book. I recently had the chance to meet the owners, Ellis and Tina Still, at the Faith and Fiction Retreat in Dallas. They were very personable, professional, and of course had my books to sell … Continue reading

BW&L Features Corey Aaron Burkes

…with a blurb about his book. Welcome to Books, Writing & Life. Introduce yourself and tell us about your feature.  I’m Corey Aaron Burkes and I am featuring my novel Butta’: Worldwide. Butta’: Worldwide is the anticipated sequel to Butta’, and features the core characters Butta’, Kasey, Trigger and Munch. It starts with the series on a vendetta mission and extends into a broader, global landscape as the characters seek the last of the Stein … Continue reading

BW&L Features Yolanda Gore

…with a blurb about her business. BWL: Yolanda, thank you for participating in A Blurb About Your ___. Tell us more. YG: My name is Yolanda Gore and I’m featuring my business, Virtual Write Hand. Virtual Write Hand specializes in social media, virtual parties, word processing, spreadsheets, mass mailings, email blasts and other administrative duties. Virtual Write Hand has a wide range of clients from ministers to authors. BWL: Did you say authors? Where can we get … Continue reading

BW&L Features K. L. Brady

…with a blurb about her new book. BWL: Hi, K. L. and welcome to Books, Writing & Life. Thanks for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us a little about your feature. KLB: I’m K.L. Brady and I’m featuring my novel Got a Right to Be Wrong. BWL: Sounds intriguing. Tell us more. KLB: Got a Right to be Wrong is the follow-up to my debut novel The Bum Magnet. In the first book, … Continue reading

BW&L Features Cherlisa Starks-Richardson

…with a blurb about her blog. BWL: Welcome to Books, Writing & Life, Cherlisa. Thank you for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us about your blog. CSR: I’m Cherlisa Starks-Richardson and I’m featuring my self-titled blog, Cherlisa M. Richardson. I offer an inspirational blog where readers can read about random real-life situations. I touch on issues from personal improvement, family, parenting, politics, current events, and more. We all know that life can be … Continue reading

BW&L Features Bridgette L. Collins

…with a blurb about her new book. Hi, Bridgette. What are you featuring today? I’m author and fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins, and I’m featuring my new book, Broken In Plain Sight. Broken In Plain Sight is my latest novel-like self-help book. Synopsis: In the book, Uncle Bert, a successful and influential businessman and State Representative, finds himself reflecting and feeling guilty for not coming to the aid of his sister, Saddie, and her four … Continue reading

BW&L Features Delicia Pollard

…with a blurb about her business. BWL: Hi, Delicia. Thanks for participating in my blog feature series, A Blurb About Your ____ (ABAY.) Tell us a little about yourself and your business. DP: I’m Delicia Pollard and I’m featuring my business Great Wall of Vinyl. My product is vinyl. I use it to decorate or personalize gifts and home décor. BWL: That sounds cool. Where can we get more info on your products? DP: I have a … Continue reading

BW&L Features Nicole Rountree

…with a blurb about her new book. Hi, Nicole. Thanks for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us a little about yourself. I’m Nicole Rountree and  I go by the pen name of Author Ni’Kay. I’m promoting my upcoming e-book, When It Rains, It Pours. Sounds interesting. Tell us more.  When It Rains, It Pours is my first authentic project displaying my talent as an author and a poet.  In the book, … Continue reading

BW&L Features Miranda Parker

…with a blurb about her book. What are you featuring? I’m Miranda Parker and I’m featuring A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD, book one in the “Angel Crawford” Series. Tell us more.  A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD is the story of smart, gorgeous, and too tough for her own good, bail recovery agent and single mom, Evangeline Crawford, who moves to the burbs for a quiet life. Unfortunately, it’s not turning out that way. Angel … Continue reading