BW&L Features Yolanda Gore

…with a blurb about her business.

BWL: Yolanda, thank you for participating in A Blurb About Your ___.
Tell us more.
YG: My name is Yolanda Gore and I’m featuring my business, Virtual Write Hand. Virtual Write Hand specializes in social media, virtual parties, word processing, spreadsheets, mass mailings, email blasts and other administrative duties. Virtual Write Hand has a wide range of clients from ministers to authors.

Yolanda Gore is a Virtual Write Hand!

BWL: Did you say authors? Where can we get more info?
YG: If you’re interested in using Virtual Write Hand, please submit an email to You will receive a response within 24 hours.

BWL: That sounds awesome! What is the cost of your services?
YG: I offer great packages to fit everyone’s budget.

BWL: Tell us two unknown facts about yourself.
I’m an avid reader and supporter of African American authors.I have an extensive background in administrative duties

BWL: Any other pertinent information?
YG: I’m great at what I do and come highly recommended.

BWL: What is something you can sum up in 140 characters or less about your product/service?
Virtually assisting you with all your administrative needs.

BWL: What is your website address?

BWL: Where can we find you on social media?
YG:  Twitter,  Facebook  Google+ 

BWL: Last words?
YG:   I’m great at what I do and come highly recommended.

BWL: Thanks for participating, Yolanda!

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