BW&L Features Miranda Parker

…with a blurb about her book.

What are you featuring? I’m Miranda Parker and I’m featuring A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD, book one in the “Angel Crawford” Series.

Read A Good Excuse To Be Bad, by Miranda Parker.

Tell us more.  A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD is the story of smart, gorgeous, and too tough for her own good, bail recovery agent and single mom, Evangeline Crawford, who moves to the burbs for a quiet life.

Unfortunately, it’s not turning out that way. Angel has to admit she’s feeling restless. The only excitement in her new life is her schoolgirl crush on the town’s new pastor, Justus-too-hot-to-be-holy Morgan. But a fateful encounter and a job gone wrong at Club Night Candy in underground Atlanta is about to change all that. Soon, Angel’s trying to save her divazilla twin sister from her big mouth and a scandalous murder charge, and probing a church cover-up with none other than Justus by her side. But Angel has one more pressing concern: will her daughter, Bella, be ready for kindergarten? Only time will tell for this bad girl gone good whose days are once again far from boring—and hopefully far from numbered.

Where can we get more info? Sample chapters of A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD are available here.  It is available for purchase at Kensington Books.

Is it available in ebook format? Yes. A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD is $13.945 in paperback and is available on Kindle and Nook for $9.52. It is also available in audio format for $7.49.

Tweet A Good Excuse to be Bad: Bestselling author ReShonda Tate Billingsley endorses A GOOD EXCUSE TO BE BAD as “A fast-paced, kick butt, bad boy chase, sexy thrill ride…”

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Any other pertinent information. The sequel, SOMEONE BAD AND SOMETHING BLUE, releases July 2012.

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  1. Cherlisa says:

    A Good Excuse To Be Bad sounds hot and fast paced. I can’t wait to read it. It’s on my list of ‘must read’ books.

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