BW&L Features K. L. Brady

…with a blurb about her new book.

BWL: Hi, K. L. and welcome to Books, Writing & Life. Thanks for participating in A Blurb About Your ___ (ABAY). Tell us a little about your feature.
KLB: I’m K.L. Brady and I’m featuring my novel Got a Right to Be Wrong.

Read K. L. Brady's new book, Got a Right To Be Wrong.

BWL: Sounds intriguing. Tell us more.
KLB: Got a Right to be Wrong is the follow-up to my debut novel The Bum Magnet. In the first book, the main character decides to take break from dating and explore her past to find out why she keeps attracting player after player so she can find a healthier relationship.

In the follow-up, she’s found her Mr. Right, but what happens when a secret he’s concealed is exposed (a one-night stand and a child before they got involved) and she finds out he’s not Mr. Perfect—one week before the wedding? Will her past scare her out of a bright future…or will he turn out to be like all the others?

On a more serious note, it also explores a secondary issue which is her tenuous father who disappeared from her life at an early age and contributed to her “bum magnetism.” When the wedding brings them back together, they have a major confrontation which brings to light secrets that will change their relationship forever.

BWL: “Bum magnetism,” I like that. Where can we get more info on your book?
KLB: You can find out more about my books at It’s also available at Amazon, BooksAMillion, Barnes & Noble, Indie bookstores and other locations nationwide. It’s also available for all e-book readers, including Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo, and all Apple products.

BWL: How much is your book?
KLB: Got a Right to Be Wrong is $15 in paperback and $9.99 on e-book.

BWL: Where can we find you online? Website, TwitterFacebook
KLB: I also have a blog on the Business of Self Publishing.

BWL: Thanks for sharing our information with us, K. L. Any final thoughts?
KLB: Thank you, and yes, please contact me via Facebook or my website for book club meetings, book signings, and other events.

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