BW&L Features Delicia Pollard

…with a blurb about her business.

BWL: Hi, Delicia. Thanks for participating in my blog feature series, A Blurb About Your ____ (ABAY.) Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
DP: I’m Delicia Pollard and I’m featuring my business Great Wall of Vinyl. My product is vinyl. I use it to decorate or personalize gifts and home décor.

Visit our website for a list of our products.

BWL: That sounds cool. Where can we get more info on your products?
DP: I have a store listed on Here’s the link to my line of gifts and items for the home or office.

BWL: What is the price range for your products?
DP: Most items are less than $25.

BWL: Tweet Great Wall of Vinyl for us.
DP: Quoted, personalized, or monogrammed, I provide beautiful yet inexpensive gifts and home decor. #casualelegance
BWL: All right now! I like that hashtag!

BWL:Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Customized items are our specialty. What can we design for you?

DP: I specialize in custom orders. So, if you have a favorite quote or want an item personalized, I can provide vinyl for almost any smooth surface.

BWL: Thanks for participating, Delicia. Much success to you and your business. Your times look like they make good Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts.

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