BW&L Features Corey Aaron Burkes

…with a blurb about his book.

Welcome to Books, Writing & Life. Introduce yourself and tell us about your feature. 
I’m Corey Aaron Burkes and I am featuring my novel Butta’: Worldwide.

Author Corey Aaron Burkes keeps it moving with the sequel to Butta' entitled, Butta': Worldwide.

Butta’: Worldwide is the anticipated sequel to Butta’, and features the core characters Butta’, Kasey, Trigger and Munch. It starts with the series on a vendetta mission and extends into a broader, global landscape as the characters seek the last of the Stein synthetic diamonds which are also sought after by international power-players in both crime and government. This story features more action and thrills than the first and introduces new characters pivotal to Butta’s past and future. As one reviewer put it, ‘The plot for this modern-day novel is very well-written and crafted.’

Where can we get more info on your book?
Everything starts at, my home and drawing board. From there, you can go to where a free excerpt of Butta’: Worldwide and other free short stories can be found. The series began with Butta’, exclusively on

How much is your book?
Butta’: Worldwide will be available Monday, May 21, 2012 exclusively on Amazon Kindle devices. IT WILL BE FREE FOR 24 HOURS: THAT DAY ONLY!
After that, the price will be $2.99.

List any other details you wish to add:
The 3rd novel in the series, Butta’: Creamwill begin development June 1st. DesktopEpics’

Corey Aaron Burkes is the author of the new ebook, Butta' Worldwide.

in-house film-animation unit (Ha! i.e., Corey Burkes himself!) is developing a dynamic book trailer for Butta: Worldwide to be released May 21, 2012 online. There are twelve novels total in the Butta’ series.

BWL: I must chime in here, twelve, as in 1-2? You’re writing a 12-book series?
CAB: Twelve books. No more, No less.
BWL: I’m a writer and that sounds painful! You go!
CAB: Writing as fast as I can, buddy. LOL

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Fiction is now sweeter with Butta’: Worldwide. A thrill-per-page in every episode starting with the first! Only from DesktopEpics, Stories You Can feel!

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TwitterFacebookGoodreadsPininterest, and if anyone still cares, I’m on MySpace! 

Share something about yourself with us.
Secretly, Corey Burkes picks his toe jam. It’s important and you need to know that! Jokes. Corey Burkes creates his own book covers from scratch. Having once owned a book cover design business, he’s been able to take out every possible middle man in the creation process except editing (which he still has to do himself, but can’t claim it as professional). Every Corey A. Burkes/DesktopEpics eBook is guaranteed for LIFE. Register your ebook, free or purchased, and it will be replaced for FREE no questions asked if you should ever lose or erase it. Plus, you get down on some great Butta’ swag!

Thanks for participating  A Blurb About Your ____ feature series. Much success with your upcoming release.

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6 Responses to BW&L Features Corey Aaron Burkes

  1. Daphine says:

    I finished Butta’ yesterday and I loved it. It’s a “manly” man’s novel for all you ladies who want to get your MAN reading. Check out my review.

  2. Corey Burkes says:

    LOL@Manly man …. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the opportunity of being on your blog and showcasing the work. Additionally, you’re review was fantastic and most appreciated. I can’t thank you enough.

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  5. http://www./ says:

    Toujours superbe ton émission et les nouveaux vêtements du site aussi continue comme ça!!! PS: comme tu a parlé des comics remington et maskmane dans la 72# tu pourrais aussi parler de DOGGYBAGS de chez ankama ce serait bien car c’est du comics mais pas de l’univers dofus simple suggestion car j’ai beaucoup aimé

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