BW&L features Christian Poet, Michael Williams

I attended a book signing in Dallas in 2007 and met a gentleman who recited poetry to me. I know, it sounds funny but read on.

Michael Williams’ book of Christian book of poetry.

We’d just finished a kick-off event at a local library for a big festival the next day and a friend introduced him to me. When he asked me if he could give me sample, I said sure not knowing what the sample would entail. As an author, you meet all kinds of people who want to sell you their book, sing songs, get a hook up, or whatever, so I didn’t know what to expect. Mind you, I started writing poetry before ever writing a word toward a book, so I know how important it is to be read, but heard?

Back to my story…

This gentleman started reciting a piece and my friend walked away leaving me alone with him while other’s mingled and ooo’d and ahhhh’d over the bestselling authors in the room.

Boy did he bring it.

His poetry was full of life and the word—awesome! Doing what artists such as writers and poets do, we exchanged social media information and the rest as they say, is history. Hence, the point of this post.

BW&L features my brother in Christ, Michael Williams, who has written two books of Christian poetry. (If you could only hear him do the spoken word version of his work.) Michael recently visited BW&L to introduce other readers to his work.

BW&L: As I thought about how we met, it made me laugh because there were so many people around, but I was standing there listening to your poem. I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch over the years. Thanks for agreeing to answer a few questions for us today, Michael.

MW: Thank you, Daphine! God bless.

BW&L: Tell us about your goals. What do you desire to do with your work?

MW: Daphine, my number one goal is to be seen all over the world and I share my work on my website which is about Christian poetry, you know, messages from God. My motivation is to bring people closer to God—help them to know God—help them to know Jesus Christ!

BW&L: That’s awesome, Michael. Tell us a little about yourself and where we can find out more about your work.

MW: I am a Christian Poet, Author and Speaker. My hometown is Salina, Kansas and I moved to Texas and started writing in 2005. Christian Poetry is truly a gift from God and He gets all the glory! It’s not about me, it’s all about Him!! My number 1 goal is to draw people closer to GOD.

BW&L: I’m sure God knows your heart and will open doors for you to do just that—you’ll be surprised at the people and places in the world where your work will minister for you. How can we find out more about you, Michael?

MW: My official website is

BW&L: Check out Michael’s website where he promotes To God Be the Glory for Things He Has Done, Volumes 1 and 2.

Thanks so much, Michael. Please check out the following link of Michael doing his poem, Left Behind.

We appreciate you stopping by Books, Writing & Life to share your talents with us. I wish you all the success and respect you deserve. Be blessed!




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2 Responses to BW&L features Christian Poet, Michael Williams

  1. Michael Williams says:

    You are a GENIUS!!!!! GREAT INTERVIEW!!!! Love the story. Michael is PASSIONATE about his poetry!!! PRAISE THE LORD. GOD BLESS

  2. Daphine says:

    See, you’d forgotten about how we met, right? God bless.

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