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…with a blurb about her new book.

Hi, Bridgette. What are you featuring today?
I’m author and fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins, and I’m featuring my new book, Broken In Plain Sight.
Broken In Plain Sight is my latest novel-like self-help book.

In the book, Uncle Bert, a successful and influential businessman and State Representative, finds himself reflecting and feeling guilty for not coming to the aid of his sister, Saddie, and

Author, Bridgette L. Collins (aka Coach Collins)

her four daughters. His sister and her family endured life‑long experiences which included a variety of hardships. The plagues of heartbreak, incest, physical abuse, mental illness, and poverty have beset them. Forty years later, Uncle Bert’s only option for addressing his neglect toward them is through his sister’s adult grandkids who are his great-nieces and nephews. They, too, have been victims of a continued cycle of pain that has altered and damaged their lives. Uncle Bert decides to bequeath a significant inheritance to help. But first, his sister’s grandchildren must satisfy his stipulations.

The book’s main character is Trevor MacElroy, Uncle

Collins' newest book, Broken In Plain Sight.

Bert’s great-nephew, a renowned fitness coach. Focused on saving his disintegrating family, Uncle Bert turns to Trevor. If Trevor can help his cousins overcome their horrific childhood memories and satisfy Uncle Bert’s requirement to live healthy, holistically and purposefully, they will inherit the fortune. Although Trevor agrees, he is not excited about the reunion with cousins whom he’s avoided contact with for years. Trevor exhausts his list of self-help exercises which take his cousins down a dark path and revisits their troubled childhood memories.

While introducing his methods for facing and accepting the truth, Trevor clashes with his cousins, one of whom has become motivated by greed and is obsessed with the millions at stake.

Throughout the book, I chart the stark reality of unhealthy lifestyles, casting crucial light on the difficulty of implementing and sustaining healthy habits, in a nation that is losing the War of Health. The book also includes a collection of healthy recipes by Chef Hardette Harris and Fitness expert Angela Collier.

Sounds interesting. Where can we get more info on your book?
Sample chapters of Broken In Plain Sight are available on my website and It is also available for purchase at both sites.

How much is your book?
Broken In Plain Sight is $14.95 in paperback and is available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99.

Tweet your book:
Too many of us are broken in plain sight & don’t have to be. Broken In Plain Sight! Discover your options for living healthier with purpose!

How can readers find you?
Visit me at the following places online: Website,  TwitterFacebookFacebook Fan Page

Any other pertinent information you’d like to share?
Broken in Plain Sight is only one of my books that engage readers through real-life turmoil that are aimed to educate and empower individuals to make their health and fitness a priority.

Thanks for participating in the feature series, Bridgette. Much success to you and your new release.

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