Things that irritate me [Part 4]

When I did the first Things that irritate me post, I never knew it would take off like it has. Here’s installment 4. 🙂 Athletes turned sports casters. Um… You played football and a network executive thought it would be good to give you a mic and stick you in front of a camera? #Really? Can you try to speak as if you’re NOT reading from the teleprompter? Can you buy a vowel? #aeiou (And … Continue reading

Tips for Aspiring Authors [#21] Never give Up–Diana Nyad style

As I drank my morning cup of coffee and watched Willie Geist of NBC’s The Today Show interview Diana Nyad this morning, her words, Never give up, resonated with me and I celebrated with her in spirit. It is so encouraging to see someone set a goal, no matter how absurd it may see to everyone else, and actually accomplish it. How many times have I said those same words, Never give up, right here on … Continue reading

Thursday morning encouragement [Run For God #5]

Oh Em Gee! I found two videos I never shared with my BWL family! I totally forgot about these and actually uploaded one to YouTube a few weeks ago and forgot about it! (Click the picture to view the first one.) It’s funny looking at them now because I know the pain I was going through when I recorded them. My face looks sooo different! Wow! Let me set this up for you. As many … Continue reading

A few things that irritate me (Part 3)

Here’s a little Thursday humor: People who sit directly behind me in the movies. …when there aren’t many people in the theater. There are 300 seats in an uncrowded theater and you choose to sit directly behind me eating noisy popcorn, bumping my seat, checking your phone and talking during the movie? #really? Soap opera men. Um, even when I was not a full-figured woman THAT NEVER HAPPENED. Who picks up their woman and takes … Continue reading

Tips For Aspiring Authors [#22 ] Work on your public speaking skills

When I was a teen, my family became active in church which meant I had to become active. I was asked to read the announcements, act in plays and my worst fear, asked to pray. I remember people telling me just open your mouth and God will give you the words to say. Um, that’s not true. If I opened my mouth, I would be standing in front a church full of people with an … Continue reading

I wrote WHAT? [Run for God]

Greetings! I’m coming down off my “5K high” and getting ready to jump back on Stanley Thompson of Too Many Lies fame. (For those of you who don’t know, Stanley is a fictional character in my novel Too Many Lies.) I’m looking forward to finishing the second book in the Lies series entitled, Deception and Lies. I’ve been talking about it and working on it for over a year, but if you’re a regular follower … Continue reading

Make the decision to do it [Run For God #4]

I made the decision to do it and I did. I ran my race yesterday! It was exhilarating and challenging all at the same time. I didn’t get much sleep at all Friday night and I woke up with a case of race day jitters yesterday. As I ran I kept thinking, I’m doing it, I’m doing it! The last quarter mile was ridiculous AND emotional. Ridiculously emotional! The course was  quite hilly. We hadn’t … Continue reading

Journal 2013 [Run For God]

This is actually being written as I prepare for my first 5K race which is scheduled June 22, 2013. I pray this journal will inspire someone to press through the pain of achieving their goals. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Persevere. It’s worth the effort to say DONE! I began training on my own in January and in March I injured my knee to the point it hurt to walk. Yeah, I’m that person. … Continue reading

No excuses–an analogy [Run For God]

As you know, I’ve been on my running high lately and I hope I am inspiring someone to do what they have dreamed of doing. When I think of my journey to running, it is easy to compare it to my journey to writing. Writing and running: are desires I have had for many years take perseverance to reach the end are mentally and physically challenging (writing takes a lot of you, too) take a while to … Continue reading

Cross the finish line [Run for God Post #3]

According to my running app, the race is 11 days away. WHEW! Boy, how time flies. Well, not really because I can see where every week went. I have come a long way. The Run For God group has come a long way. Most of us hadn’t run like this before and I can honestly say that I have become a new creature since starting this whole process. I had a vision, was given the … Continue reading