How to torture your kids

Motherhood, or shall I say Parenthood, has many ups and downs. Somedays it feels like we’re going up a steep hill on a roller coaster and things are about to settle down, until SCREEEEAM! You’re going downhill so fast, all you can do is hold onto something and pray for it to end quickly! On those days, the days when I have to prove my point because I’m the mama and I’m going to prove … Continue reading

A Decent Proposal by Donna Dickson Deloney

I recently had the opportunity to talk with author, Donna Dickson Deloney to discuss her latest novel, A Decent Proposal. I had the pleasure of reading this book shortly after Donna wrote the book, and I give it 5 DGR Stars! BWL: Tell us about your book. DDD: The name of my book is A Decent Proposal. Andy Perry is days away from losing a shelter for teen runaways that he created. Without a new … Continue reading

Ode to “Husband”

Sometimes we get attached to things that we probably shouldn’t, but some inanimate objects warrant such attention. When I was in college, my dad bought me this back pillow for those long nights of studying in bed. If you walked the dorm halls back then and looked in the rooms, most  girls had a one. We affectionately called them “Husbands.” My husband has been with me since 1988 and has been with me through three … Continue reading

No more Walmart Rx lines!

I had a series of social media posts late last year that started out, I run because… Well, one post was …because in January I want to blow my doctor’s mind. Well, today (1/22/14,) I went to the doctor and am happy to announce that I am officially off prescription meds for obesity related illnesses! In the words of Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, HOT DANG! (Well, I do take Flonase for allergies … Continue reading

That moment when…(Pt 2)

That moment when… you are running late because of your significant other and you look at the clock in the car 150,000 times before you arrive at your destination. #laterthanlate you realize you didn’t hang up the phone/press end and they can still hear you. your kids have Beats but don’t know who Dr. Dre is. you go to a family function and your “favorite” family member has yet another way for YOU to make … Continue reading

Operation Step Up My Game

I posted on my Facebook page that January 1 was day #1 of Operation Step Up My Game and I asked my social media friends to pray for me. Although I included some LOL’s at the end, I’m very serious about this. I have three main goals for 2014 besides the obvious of growing in my walk with God through prayer, service and obedience. These 3 “earthly” goals will help me on my earthly journey … Continue reading

2013 – Summarized in three points

As a lot of folks do around this time, I am taking a moment to reflect on some major events in my life in 2013. Here are a few major highlights that I’d like to share and to remind everyone that God is God all by himself and he does hear and answer prayers. #1) I started off 2013 praying for full-time jobs for my husband, then me—in that order. (It might not have made … Continue reading

That moment when…

Crazy things pop into my mind throughout the day. I’ve been keeping a list of things I call That moment when… It’s kind of like my Things that irritate me list. So here goes: That moment when… you accidentally set off your car’s panic alarm and can’t find the key fob in time to  disarm it. you realize your boss is younger than you are. you are rocking out, jamming, getting your groove on so … Continue reading

[Tips for Aspiring Authors #22] Social Media Presence Pt 1

Even though my last book was promoted in 2012, I am still VERY active on social media. I get comments from those “friends” I  know personally who say You’re always on Facebook, aren’t you? Darn skippy, I am. They are the ones who don’t understand my purpose for using social media. Sure, if I was just Daphine,  I probably  wouldn’t hop on as much because I honestly don’t know 2000 people. But since I have created these … Continue reading

Almost there [Run For God]

Greetings! I know it’s been over a month since I updated my blog but I’m back now. Did you miss me? I haven’t forgotten you all. ((Cyber hugs)) Over the weekend, I posted the picture below on my Facebook page. The response has been overwhelming and a few people want to know what my “secret” is. There’s no secret–hard work and a desire to not be overweight any more. I’m a middle-aged woman who has … Continue reading