A few things that irritate me [Part 2]

On February 22, 2013, I wrote a post entitled A few things that irritate me as one of my Friday Funny posts. It was one of the most popular posts for the month. This is Part 2 and I dedicate this post to one of my Facebook friends who really got a kick out of the first one. This is for you, Kimyatta W!

  • When the bagger at the grocery store, Walmart, etc. puts one item in a bag. Really? You really could have stuck that deodorant in with the other stuff. Do I need another plastic bag taking up space in my closet? How many bags full of other bags can one take?
  • Text messages that say hmm, k, o, oh or the latest from people under age 22, kk. What the heck is kk? Before I had unlimited text messaging, these annoying messages used to irritate the, ahem—they used to really irritate me. If you ask me what I am doing and I respond, do you really need to say hmm or oh?
  • When the woman in the GPS forgets to tell me to turn where I was supposed to turn and starts rerouting. So I’m driving along under false pretenses while believing I’m going to get where I’m supposed to go in a safe and timely manner, only to realize hey, wait…what the…aww *^%#! That was the road back there. #rerouting
  • When people assume I saw their post on FB. Do you know how much stuff is in my news feed every day? Most of my friends are writers or readers and us writer/reader types have a lot to say—all day long. #really
  • Taking my time unloading bags from the shopping cart when I realize someone is

    Don’t wait for me to put my cart up. That’s creepy.

    waiting for my parking spot—and I still have take the cart to the cart return area. They could have found another spot and walked into the building by the time I rearrange the trunk, unload my bags, walk to the cart return and walk back to my car.

  • People who talk to me when I have earplugs in. They’re white. You see the cord going from the device in my hand to my ear but you still want to talk to me. You deserve to get ignored.
  • Store demonstrators who offer samples in the store. Nobody wants to buy your nasty granola cereal and no, I don’t want a dollar-off coupon. Also stop assuming I eat processed meats, dairy products or desserts full of preservatives.
  • People who try to have entire conversations via text. Um, the phone has other features—like making calls.
  • Running/biking on a trail but people walking won’t move over. Why does your entire group need to walk shoulder-to-shoulder when there are other people using the same public green ways as you? I need to run in the grass or mud because you don’t want to move over? I don’t think so. #fullspeedahead #youknowyouseeme
  • When the waiter refreshes my coffee after I get it just right. Please ask me before you pour. It takes a lot of precision/skill to get the perfect ratio of sugar to cream and when I get it just the way I like it, they refresh it.

I hope you laughed or at least could relate. Happy Friday!


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5 Responses to A few things that irritate me [Part 2]

  1. Kimyatta says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAA! You love me!! You REALLY REALLY LOVE ME! Lol…I’m beginning to think that we must have spent some time in the womb together! My favorite…”When people assume I saw their post on FB. Do you know how much stuff is in my news feed every day? Most of my friends are writers or readers and us writer/reader types have a lot to say—all day long. #really” <—-that's about to be a status update! lol…I soooooooooooooooo needed this yesterday! I kept saying…I need to go to Daphine's blog! I need to see it!! HAHAAAA!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness….Yep..I'll be revisiting this one as well….

  2. Donna D says:

    kk… hmmm… LOL!!!

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