A Decent Proposal by Donna Dickson Deloney

I recently had the opportunity to talk with author, Donna Dickson Deloney to discuss her latest novel, A Decent Proposal. I had the pleasure of reading this book shortly after Donna wrote the book, and I give it 5 DGR Stars!

BWL: Tell us about your book.
DDD: The name of my book is A Decent Proposal. Andy Perry is days away from losing a shelter for teen runaways that he created. Without a new source of funding, the work he  dedicated his life to will be forfeited. He urgently prays for a way out.

Wealthy socialite Vanessa Carson – Andy’s ex – has a dilemma. In order to inherit her family’s vast estate, and to protect her family’s non-profit foundation, she has to be married by her thirtieth birthday – ten days from now.

Donna Dickson Deloney's latest novel.

Donna Dickson Deloney’s latest novel.

Vanessa approaches her former love with an unusual proposal: if he agrees to marry her for a year, she will fund his ministry for years to come. Desperate, Andy reluctantly agrees to the marriage – in name only.

But there are those who will do anything to drive the couple apart – and those who want nothing more than to keep them together. With their faith, fortunes and futures inexplicably intertwined, Andy and Vanessa must decide what is most important to them – and whether it is worth the cost.

BWL: You’re making me want to re-read the book. What was the inspiration behind this story?
DDD: It was actually inspired by an old Jimmy Stewart film. Author Bettye Griffin had turned me on to Turner Classic Movies and one night, we both watched the film and discussed how we could modernize it. Bettye is a romance author and I’m a Christian fiction author so our versions are quite a bit different.

BWL: Tell us about your main characters.
DDD: My main characters are Andy and Vanessa. Andy is a minister and committed to his ministry. Vanessa is wealthy and spoiled. But deep down, she truly cares about people.

BWL: What makes the main characters tick?
DDD:  Andy has always seen himself in ministry. His calling to serve the Lord is his first priority. His desire to help young people get off the streets led him to open up a shelter for teens and single parents. But he always wanted a family of his own as well. He never got over losing Vanessa and when she comes to him with her proposal, he refuses – partly out of a sense of pride, but also because his love for her never died. After all, he is a man, and being so close to Vanessa challenges him in ways he can’t always control.

Vanessa, on the other hand, believes in service, but has grown up in a privileged family. She has allowed others to make decisions for her. After the loss of her parents, for the first time, she has to figure out who she is and what she wants in life. Her decisions not only affect her, but so many others close to her. Being around Andy again forces her to look at her life, her values, her choices. And the rekindling of her romance with Andy becomes more complicated with each day.

BWL: What do you have in your writing pipeline?
DDD: My next novel, Journey to Jordan will be released in late January. I’m also releasing a short story in April.

BWL: How did you start writing?
DDD: I’ve been writing most of my life, mostly for church and school. I’ve been writing novels for about ten years, off and on.

BWL: So, what’s next on our literary agenda:
DDD: More writing. More publishing. More promoting.

BWL: List your FB page, Twitter, others.
DDD: Facebook, Twitter

BWL: Thanks, Donna and I wish you much success with your new releases!


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  1. Donna D says:

    Thanks Daphine!

  2. kimyatta says:

    Yet another fix for this book junkie here….Hi Donna! Daphine…when I need to go to rehab…I hope you know you’re driving…

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